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TechDrifts helps users to troubleshoot day to day problems with iPhone, iPad, and ios, we are covering all the how-to Guide and each and everything about ios Device, Our Main aim’s to start iDevice Source is to help all the people who are having an issue or new to iPhone and iPad.

We are covering each and everything about ios, iPhone, and iPad for beginners and advanced users; we are also writing about best apps for ios Device and Much More. TechDrifts is Part of Nexta Solutions.

TechDrifts Team:

Mohan Desai (Editor-in-Chief):

Mohan Desai is CEO of Nexta Solutions and managing Company from the last five years with the seven years experience in the technology. Here at TechDrifts Mohan is spending quality time in Editor role.

Mohit Raj: (Editor)

Mohit is one of the famous in the field of smartphone review and News breaking; he has managed TechDrifts Editor position from last two years, and he is one of the people who has managed to break some excellent stories on few other websites.

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